Initially, after the death of a loved one it is natural to experience a period of shock and disbelief. As time goes by, talking about how you feel to family and friends can become more difficult, and bereaved people worry that they may not be ‘moving on’ or ‘coping’ as they should be. If you have experienced this, you may find that counselling therapy might help you.

To aid with this, we’ve partnered with experienced counselling therapist Shona Lowe, and are happy to recommend her services. Here’s some information from Shona:


I will support you to explore how your loss has affected you in a way which is at your pace and in an environment which is safe, confidential and in which you will feel ready to begin to find ways to cope with your grief. I am experienced in working with people who have experienced the following after bereavement:

Confusion and fear about how they are feeling in their experience of grief
Difficulty doing everyday things like going to work or taking care of themselves or others.
Anxiety and panic attacks, forgetfulness, or other stress-related symptoms
Feeling angry or guilty
Relationship and family difficulties or conflict
Whether you have experienced a sudden traumatic death of a loved one, or lost someone after a long illness, thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming. Making sense of how to go forward with your own life can be difficult. Counselling therapy can support and enable you to do so.

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